Lighting Equipment Hire London

Atmospheric mood lighting, spotlights, flickering lights and swathes of colour can be immensely effective in creating memorable events. Visual images tend to stay in the memory much longer than words, so it is crucial to perfect the lighting effects from the start of an event.

Every type of event needs some form of lighting. Conferences and exhibitions can involve various lighting effects, from individual display areas to massive rooms housing hundreds of people. Festivals, concerts and fashion shows may require complex synchronized lighting, while award ceremonies and product launches often involve a variety of lighting effects.

Whatever the event, indoors or out, providing lighting is no longer a simple matter of a few overhead or arc lights connected by cables. Lighting systems can be compelling and require a lot of energy.

It is all too easy for event organizers to feel overwhelmed by the potential options, especially when deciding on equipment. This is where  AV Productions can help. We have thousands of items of audio-visual equipment within our warehouses, ready for immediate use.

The most popular items provided are battery-powered lighting, cables, radio cue lights, up lighters, LED lights, wireless lighting and Gobo projectors.

Every piece of equipment is fully serviced and checked before being sent out on hire. Full operating instructions are provided, and we ensure you are pleased with the product before you leave our premises. If unexpected problems occur, our project managers are available to answer queries, advise and find solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you prefer someone to install, operate and remove the equipment afterwards, we can do that too. Our fully qualified Audio Visual engineers are available for hire.

Audio Visual Productions are preferred suppliers at countless top locations, including hotels, historic buildings, conference centres and exhibition venues. We possess full specifications for such sites, enabling us to provide instant advice and recommendations without inspecting the building first.

Whatever you require, we can provide it. We can hire individual equipment or offer various services, including technical staff, event management and conference staging.

Our staff await your call. Talk to us now about your requirements for your next event, and we will be happy to provide expert help.

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