AV Services

The event's success is owed to the flawless A/V services provided by Audio Visual Productions. We express gratitude for the pivotal role the A/V team played in ensuring a seamless experience, contributing significantly to the overall success of the occasion.

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Nuri Weitzman
The Freedom Fund

Audio Visual Productions

We extend thanks for the crucial support rendered by Audio Visual Productions. The seamless execution of the event reflects the team's dedication and expertise. The collaboration proved instrumental in achieving the high standards expected, making the occasion a great success.
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Jo Foster
Designers Guild

AV Hire

Greatly impressed by the accommodating nature of the A/V team. Their meticulous planning and execution ensured that every aspect of the event ran like clockwork. This praise reflects the team's commitment to excellence and their ability to surpass expectations in facilitating a smooth and successful event.
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Jon Gill
London City Mission

Audio Visual Equipments

I, on behalf of the entire Townsend Analytics team, acknowledge the outstanding efforts of the on-site team. Their politeness and willingness to go above and beyond were key factors in the event's success. Audio Visual Productions' team not only met expectations but exceeded them, earning commendation for their exemplary service.

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Sam Rhodes
Townsend Analytics

Visual Hire

I would like to express my gratitude to Audio Visual Productions for their prompt response in providing equipment at short notice. The reliability and efficiency demonstrated by the team reflect a commitment to meeting clients' needs promptly, earning praise from clients, including us. We recommend their services to everyone looking for a reliable audio-video service provider.
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Michelle Amoakohene
London School of Economics

Event Productions

The entire team of the London Borough of Newham commends the excellent service provided by Audio Visual Productions. The friendly, helpful, and efficient staff showcased flexibility in managing two simultaneous events, exceeding expectations. The positive feedback highlights the team's dedication and ability to deliver exceptional results.
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Evangelos Vanezis
London Borough of Newham

Technical Support

The Audio Visual Productions team's work and support in ensuring the conference's success was outstanding, to say the least. The seamless collaboration and the team's contribution to the event's success make Audio Visual Productions an invaluable partner for future endeavours.

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Ingrid Lourens
Crowne Plaza Docklands

Live Event Productions

Following our event’s success, we want to thank the Audio Visual Productions team for a job well done, emphasising the perfection of the technician. The exceptional performance of the team, especially the technician, resonated throughout the event, leaving a lasting positive impression and anticipation for future collaborations.
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Michael Cleere
Southwark Council

Corporate Event Productions

The team is phenomenal & their dedication and skill were instrumental in making the event successful. Our reputable organisation acknowledges its team's competence and ability to meet the highest standards.

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Pauline Stone

Lighting Hire

We see Audio Visual Productions as a critical partner for event planning. Their contribution to the success of the event is underscored, emphasising their reliability and expertise. We are greatly satisfied with their work and consider them a trusted partner in delivering successful events.
Victoria Davis