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Different types of Audio Visual Equipment

What are the Different types of Audio Visual Equipment in Events Productions?

One of the difficult parts is keeping your audience engaged in any physical or virtual events. Well, audio-visual equipment has made it way more accessible for everyone. What’s better than engaging your audience with visually pleasing content and crispy, clearer audio? To get it all, you just have to rent an AV hire that offers different types of audiovisual equipment. However, the basic equipment are all the same, but analysing the specially required equipment on the basis of the event’s and performance needs is important. Understanding which equipment makes your event successful is the real game. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the most vital equipment. 

Audio-visual technology is not only transforming events but also improving and enhancing the communication, collaboration, and productivity of meetings.

What is audio visual equipment?

It’s clear by the name audio visual, including the equipment assisting visuals and audio. It allows you to enhance the audience’s experience by providing mesmerising services. However, it also depends on the event type and the variety of equipment used accordingly. Including; 

  1. Presentations
  2. Concerts 
  3. Weddings
  4. Fashion shows 

However, all the means of providing entertainment and maintaining interaction are transformed. You can avail yourself of a variety of benefits once you start inducing the AV equipment in the events. You can accomplish the event’s primary purpose with the right audio-visual hire. 

What are the different types of audio visual?

The whole concept of event productions has changed since AV took over the market. AV equipment is basically electrical devices that are induced to make an event successful. Much of the equipment is often used to accommodate the sights and sounds to execute the required performances and make them more lively. There are different types of audio visuals; let’s discuss the most required equipment. 


What do you think whenever you attend an event? Which is the one thing you find pretty crucial in every event? It must be a microphone as it’s essential to communicate with others. To engage the customer, the most important thing is to interact with them. However, a good quality microphone is required to grab the whole attention without any distractions. 

Make sure you check all the microphones in the testing session, as you might not be comfortable with wireless and require a wired microphone. You are usually provided with a variety of options. All you have to do is to test and select the best one for you. Make sure you analyze your requirements on the basis of the type of event you are organizing and how expanded the audience is going to be. Whether there is going to be any instrumental performance that requires a stand microphone or hand mic, it will be enough. Well, here’s a list of types of microphones that might be required:

Wired Microphones

Wired microphones are basically connected physically and attached to an input device, which helps to generate sound. With a wired microphone, you have restricted mobility. However, it doesn’t require any complicated setup either, and there’s no such issue of signals. 

Wireless Microphones

Well, wireless microphones work a little differently, as they transmit signals to a receiver, which further produces sound. Although it is a pretty complex setup, it allows you to roam around freely, and signal discrepancy is always possible. 


Well, what’s the point of microphones if there are no speakers? Speakers are essential to communicate the message you are looking forward to conveying but with transparency. The sound is the backbone of any event. It must be clear, free of distortion, and fully tuned; otherwise, it may really irritate the guests as well.

It helps to engage the audience by enhancing the complete aura of the event. It promotes the accessibility of information to all attendees. Additionally, there are a variety of speakers designed for a variety of events, including woofers, amplifiers, and many more. Well, they are usually designed to accommodate larger levels of events, e.g., a sports event or a parade. 


Here comes one of the most vital pieces of equipment of all. Well, the systems may be the most essential equipment, but displays are the ones to grab the whole attention. It levelled up the whole game of the event by drawing a bigger audience. 

Displays can make or break the whole deal of the whole event. The integrated displays are based on various factors, including the venue size and the demands of the client. Usually, for weddings, a single LED screen wall is enough; however, at a concert, a whole setup is integrated to add more magic as it’s the core of the event. Here are some of the most essentially offered types of displays: 

LED Display

They are essentially used when you need a bigger screen for display as they offer bigger, clearer, and finer visuals. This allows the event producers to provide the best ever services to their clients maintaining quality. The smooth transition of the visuals and sparkling lights boost the whole ambience of the event. 


However, for smaller levels or for more professional or corporate events, projectors are preferred in the market. They are usually used for the room or auditorial events, mainly conferences. They, however, cannot provide a similar experience to LEDs but surely are good enough for a short event and economical as well. 


After the basics, everything narrows down to creating the ambience and having a good mood enhancer environment. Well, you simply can’t ignore it when you are looking forward to engaging people in a proper environment. However, it is essentially used to draw attention to particular aspects of the event. 

Well, we have quite a lot of lighting options you can opt for anything for your event;

  1. Stage lighting
  2. Moving head light
  3. Wash lights
  4. Spotlight 
  5. Floodlights 
  6. Moving head light
  7. Wash lights
  8. Lighting effects 
  9. Strobe 
  10. Gobo 
  11. Personalized lighting design


Nowadays, recording the events is really very essential to make sure the event is a complete success. It’s all about social media and the internet now to make it hit, so make sure you integrate good moments with high-quality cameras. It allows the audience to participate more willingly in the event. 


Undoubtedly, wifi is essential and necessary to keep all the functions going smoothly. It’s essential to provide smooth wifi to maintain online streaming. 

Laptops and Computers

Make sure you have your laptops and computers to save the credentials and automate the whole functioning thing. 


Well, without the contribution of Audio-Visual technology, there’s no life in any event these days. The arrangements are somehow affiliated with AV in any event, e.g., in musical nights or concerts, with a microphone or any fully equipped dance floor or PPTs at any conference. The Audio-Visual equipment allows you to have a strong base. Moreover, it is essential to choose the AV hire keenly to ensure they can deal with all types of audio visual equipment and have a good team of technicians to handle the equipment. 


What are the different types of AV equipment and systems?

A variety of different systems and types come along in this category, including video conferencing systems, audio equipment, digital signage, video editing software, and sound editing software. 

Which is the best AV service provider in London?

AV hire provides you with a complete audio visual experience, including the rental, setting up, operation, and removal of equipment after the event.

Benefits of hiring an AV service provider?

Relying on an AV specialist can spare you the stress of trying to make the event run smoothly. You can benefit from an AV specialist in a number of ways, such as

  1. Affordable options
  2. Expert assistance
  3. Technical assistance helps you save time.
  4. Availability of top-notch instruments
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