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How Much Does Lighting Cost for an Event in 2024

There are multiple factors that you must work on when organising a successful event. However, these evolve with the passage of time as the market trends change. A successful event is the result of many factors working together, all of which evolve and change over time. Well, if we talk about current trends in this era of social media, aesthetically pleasing and visually mesmerising decorations are promoted to create more camera-friendly and attractive content. 

However, multiple elements, including the lighting, greatly impact making any event more engaging and interactive. Lighting tends to make a fierce statement for any special occasion. Whether it’s a conference or any fashion show, lighting can play a crucial role and can be very advantageous. However, you can utilise the event’s lighting to make it more lively and spiritful.

For the variety of events, lighting can play a crucial role. As if we talk about corporate events, lighting helps bring energy and boost employee morale. For social events, it creates an ambience of youthfulness and joy. The trends in lighting are evolving, and multiple advancements have been introduced in the market.

Moreover, along with the fluctuation in the trends, a swing can be noticed in the pricing and the lighting packages. However, there are various factors that affect the overall cost of lighting for the event. Let’s discuss how much does lighting cost for an event!

How much does lighting cost for an event?

Various production houses provide lighting facilities; however, the cost varies according to multiple factors, depending on the AV production and the team you are hiring for your work. Additionally, if we talk about pricing based on the event, any small business meeting or conference can be around $600-$1000.

Moreover, if we are talking about an average event with an audience of around 200-300 people, it requires a good lighting package running between $2500-$3000. 

However, the lighting cost per square foot for indoor events is $3.20-$4.00. Yet the prices might vary depending on the particular requirement and the difference based on the vendors.


Well, the ambiance of any event depends on the visual representation of the event. Which majorly includes lighting for the event’s venue. It can totally control the event’s success, and the event’s engagement totally depends on it. In fact, it’s something that makes or breaks the deal for the audience. There are various AV production houses that provide great options for setting a theme.  Additionally, to make your event more compelling and fascinating, you can choose and get a consultation from professionals to select the best type of lighting according to the event.

Factors affecting the lighting cost

Multiple factors highly impact the cost of the lights. These factors might include the venue size, the type of the event, and, of course, the main goal or objective of the event. Moreover, the main factor is the specification regarding the lighting provided by the customer. It may include the type and quantity of the required lighting. AV professionals who have condensed knowledge of the equipment analyse all the requirements and provide suitable options.                                          

The type of event

Analyse the type of event you are looking forward to organising, whether it’s a corporate event, a social event, or a cultural festive event. Moreover, the event type plays a vital role in showing how the event will unfold. Moreover, does the event include a stage, and are there going to be any performances? This question also matters a lot in ensuring optimal lighting for the event.   

The size of the venue

Once you have analysed the type of venue, the next step is to understand its size, as you might not want to be left with less lighting at the venue. However, it is essential to thoroughly analyse the size and the number of people looking forward to attending to estimate the required AV equipment to build a proper setup. However, it is essential to hire lighting from a single vendor to smoothen the process of setting up. 

There are multiple types of events where lighting controls the whole game however, for such events, it is essential to keep all the AV equipment aligned with the lighting. It is also crucial to appoint professional technicians to deal with all sorts of glitches and complete troubleshooting if required. 

Duration of the event

The cost of lighting depends heavily on the duration of usage, such as how long the lights are rented. However, it is essential to ensure that you mention the precise duration for which you require the lighting.

Any additional accessories or services required

Multiple other accessories are required alongside the lighting, which may cost extra. However, you must always ask for all the hidden charges before hiring a company, as it might impact the overall pricing.

Keenly choose your AV productions

Choosing the AV productions more keenly is essential because the event’s success depends on your choice. Moreover, the pricing varies from company to company; a good, well-renowned company will charge for the lighting accordingly. However, to save a few dollars, you will not be ready to compromise the quality of the lights. Here are a few factors you must consider when you shop for any AV-Productions or lighting vendors.

  1. Your event’s complexity 

You will never hire a local small shop AV vendor if you are organising a large-scale event. Similarly, the event’s size and standard highly impact who to select. Moreover, such big events require professional teams and high-quality equipment, which adds to the cost of choosing good AV productions, which may cost more than any usual vendor in the local area. 

  1. Team’s experience

A background check must be conducted on the lighting team, and their performance must be evaluated based on feedback from their previous event. However, if you look forward to hiring an experienced team and using advanced equipment to ensure the success of your event, you must keep in mind that the cost will increase accordingly.

  1. Customisations and Add-ons 

Lighting vendors offer multiple additional services as add-ons. These include design and setup customisation and numerous other factors. No doubt, all of these add-ons are considered extra services as they simplify and streamline everything; however, they can really impact the overall cost. 

How can lighting create an atmosphere at events?

At least once in your life, you must have experienced going to an event that wasn’t pleasant as it wasn’t bright enough or the lights were hitting your eyes a little too hard. If you are planning to make your event successful, ensure that the ambiance of your event is enjoyable and inspiring. However, to build a good ambience, preparing for the event carefully, paying attention to the details, and choosing the best lighting design to grab maximum attention is essential.

Grabs attention

Well, grabbing the attention of the audience can be really complex sometimes. If everything is top-notch, including the performers’ content, but the event’s lighting is not up to the mark, it can totally downgrade the whole atmosphere. However, to keep people interested and fully invested, building the event’s vibe is essential. 

Keep everyone engaged

Paying attention to the event’s details is essential to organise an impactable and long-lasting impression. Good lighting is known to mesmerise the audience and keep people interested. However, using multiple types of lighting can generate a dazzling light show to keep the audience engaged. 


If you look forward to organising a successful event, lighting is necessary. It helps build ambience, grabs the attendees’ attention, and keeps their engagement level high. However, whenever you are discussing the cost of lighting, it is essential to keep multiple factors that can directly affect the price of the lighting services. Majorly, it includes the lighting team charges, the type of lights you are choosing, the cost of electricity in the particular area, the size of the venue, and, of course, the duration of the event.

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