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corporate entertainment ideas for London Events

15 Corporate Entertainment Ideas for London Events

Since the times of the Romans, London has been vividly known as the hub of trading and finances. It is extensively considered as the land of corporates where the businesses intersect with refinement. It offers vibrant, rich venues, ideas for hosting an event, and splendid settings. However, sometimes organising an event can be a really daunting thing without planning and having a clear mind of what exact goals they are looking forward to achieving. 

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of any event? Well, indeed, entertainment is one of the significant aspects of any event, whether social, corporate, or cultural. However, it’s just not word of mouth; various research and surveys have been conducted to find a legitimate answer. Moreover, the research shows that 49% of marketers firmly believe that engagement is the key factor of any event. In order to keep the audience engaged, event producers need to make sure the event is entertaining. 

As time evolves, the entertainment factors are evolving alongside. Without AV equipment, there’s no event complete nowadays, and you might not believe what wonders this technology can bring. When aligning and selecting the activities you would like to inaugurate in the event, you must understand a few factors that will help you choose more wisely.  

In this blog, we will explore all the factors that you must keep in mind whenever you are selecting activities for entertainment for corporate events while planning.

Factors to focus on while entertainment for corporate events

Planning a corporate event might not be as simple as it seems. As there are a variety of different factors, you must keep an eye on the matter while considering corporate entertainment ideas. However, all you have to do is keep the following factors under a keen focus.

Purpose of the events 

Identify the event’s purpose, whether it’s for charity or you are looking forward to strengthening your connections. 

Analyse the audience

What’s more important than focusing on the people you are planning this event for? However, you must analyse the type of audience you are dealing with, as it greatly impacts the activities you choose. You can start with polling in the office online to understand what the majority enjoys on the basic level, such as indoor or outdoor activities. 

Analyse the event 

Analysing the type of event is even more important as a dance band is not going to be a good option for the conference. Similarly, to design the best entertainment activities, you have to figure out what kind of event you are planning to do and what the objectives of the event are. There are a few things, including the space or venue in which you are hosting the event and the seating arrangement. Make sure to follow the theme of the event, which is relevant to everything. Moreover, it is essential to remember that your event objectives must coincide with your entertainment ideas. 

Keep your budget in view

Entertainment can be really expensive, somewhat more than what you anticipate. However, it totally depends on what you prefer and the event’s requirements. 

Goal for entertainment 

The major thing you need to do is to identify the goal for the entertainment activities, whether it’s for fun or you are looking forward to rewarding the employee, and last but not least, you want the team to bond with each other. You might not believe it, but there are a variety of benefits hidden in the entertainment industry. 

All you have to do is keep the features mentioned above in mind while selecting the best activities.                                                                                                                   

Ensure that you utilise the AV technology to entertain

Analysing the right technology for your event is not as tricky the much we assume. However, as time passes by, the increasing demand and ultimate results are making it essential for the event hosts to choose the best AV technology. This allows them to engage the clients and leads to healthy entertainment and team bonding. With a diverse range of features that help to engage, the event can turn out to be really fun. Some of the main features are the following: 

  • Polling quizzes: In which they can poll the answers to the question. Whoever is proper and first will win a hamper. 
  • Live Q&A discussion: Through a topic, let the Q&A session begin with a discussion. 
  • Virtual gaming: Induce a healthy, friendly competition to initiate motivation and working together. 

You can avail all the advantages of the features by utilising the facility of AV integration in any sort of event, specifically social or corporate. 

Different types of events organised in coporate events

Particularly in the corporate sector, a variety of events are organised every year. However, keeping the entertainment section different, diverse, and fresh is a tricky task. So here’s a list of common event types and corporate entertainment ideas. 


As we all know, conferences are pretty dry and dull. However, a few ideas will lighten up the audience’s mood to ease up mood and balance the environment.

  1. Fun award ceremony

Well, a fun award ceremony is a great option to start light. Who doesn’t like a little bit of appreciation and recognition? So what’s any harm in organising an improvised award ceremony for the employee? However, all you have to do is to make a sheet with the fun award names and give the most related 3-4 employee names to select from. This small selection should take place ahead of time, though. For reference, here’s a list of awards you can utilise to get an idea from:

  1. “ACE of initiative award” The one who is always ready to take the initiative.
  2. “The ultimate leader” is The one who is always good at leading.
  3. “The spotlight award” for the one who always stays in the spotlight. 
  4. “The Coffeeholic Award” is for the one who drinks coffee often. 
  5. “The All-rounder” is The one who is good at everything. 
  1. Stand-up comedy setup

Offer a setup of stand-up comedy. Do a talent hunt session and find the hidden gems of comedy from your office. Ask them to prepare a session and make everyone laugh. 

  1. Tour to virtual reality

Virtual reality is something that fascinates all ages. It is one of the most reliable and worthwhile audience engagement tools of all time. Plan an activity with virtual reality that will make a lasting impression on everyone. 

Ideas for outdoor coporate events 

Nowadays, the old trends have been coming back into the limelight. Similarly, the trend of outdoor events is trending once more. People prefer aesthetically pleasing views and having a break from all the build-up space. This allows the corporate spirits to enjoy nature with their office friends and colleagues. Well, to bond better and want more, here are a few entertainment coporate ideas;

  1. Picnic day

It might sound like that can make you nostalgic for your childhood memories. However, it is a perfect way to relax and cherish nature. It helps to bring people together as they share their childhood memories. Additionally, you can add a few activities, including a photo booth or a bean bag toss, to make it more effective. You can keep it light by planning a yoga or outdoor painting session.

  1. Host a rapid-fire

Well, the best option is to boost everyone’s energy with some rapid fire. Ask some diplomatic and juicy questions and see who comes out to be brave. Set gift hampers for the winner, a basket full of office goodies, or maybe a small cash prize. It helps to initiate competition. However, it is essential to ask questions that are not very controversial as it might cause a conflict in the office. 

  1. Outdoor scavenger hunt

Hide out the clues and let the team find their ways to hunt the finishing point. Make teams of 2-3 different groups and let them enjoy the game. It helps to build up the mindset of the team playing and achieving success together. It is an essential lesson for the team to work in harmony. 

Black tie events

Black tie is the formal evening event, the most common yet crucial type of corporate event. Moreover, they are a bit dry and require something entertaining yet fancier, so here are some of the most reasonable entertainment ideas for the Black tie event. 

  1. Singing along to pianos

However, it’s pretty common to entertain the whole crowd at big dinner parties. Such activities are mostly customised, as two different pianists are on the floor playing the crowd’s favourite songs incorporated with comedic commentary. It literally lightens up the whole night, and the cherry on top is the audience’s direct interaction right at the time to sing along with them. 

  1. Casino night 

What’s more exciting than a casino night for a London corporate entertainment night? Whether or not you play for money, it’s still a fascinating form of entertainment. Moreover, it brings the best options to the table, including blackjack, poker, craps and a lot more. It is going to be a real thrill for everyone. However, make sure you bring gifts for the winners. 

  1. Prepare your cocktail at a party. 

Allow all the guests to make their drinks and enjoy the night. Moreover, you can host a class for making and mixing cocktails. They can all come up with their favourite recipes and name their mocktails however they want. Even if there are people who are not looking forward to drinking liquor, they can make drinks however they want. 

Fundraising events

Well, such events are not as expected, but some coporate offices prefer to raise funds for good reasons. However, it’s pretty crucial to raise funds and yet have some fun with the office friends. 

  1. Auction night 

Have you ever thought of organising a playful auction? However, it is one of the most enjoyable things and can be helpful with fundraising. Yet you must be thinking about what could be in the auction. It might include unexpected little things as the purpose of it matters rather than the things. The goal is to have a little fun and collect more funds. Moreover, you can engage them by providing them with chocolate.  

  1. Pop to win

It’s an easy activity to conduct and to raise money. All you have to do is to write prizes on the slip, and you have to put them in a few of the balloons, and for the rest, you have to put empty slips. However, all they have to do is to pop the balloon by paying one by one. You can ask them to pop it with a dart or any gun toy. 

  1. Beat to get the bet

Select some gamers and ask them to compete live. However, all the participants had to bet on their favourite; similarly, people bet on horses. All the collected money simply goes to charity. Make sure you are choosing suitable video games for the event. The list is pretty long; however, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, Just Dance, and Mario Party are the most played, easy, and simple games. However, once the main competition is over, anyone can participate in the game. 

Coporate virtual events 

Since virtual events are all over the place, corporate sectors are looking forward to organising events incorporated with virtual reality. Undoubtedly, they have a wow factor, and moreover, they are scientifically proven to be the real-life bond maker between colleagues. Well, there are a few plays we can look forward to integrating into the corporate world. 

Virtual murder mystery

Oh, what’s better than just solving a murder mystery? And the cherry on top is it’s virtual. All you have to do is collect the clues and work as a team to solve the mystery. Such activities not only help solve mysteries online with good communication but also help the team take the initiative and learn more in real life. 

Virtual escape room 

You can accommodate your employees with a complete virtual setup for an escape room. All they have to do is to solve puzzles and find the quests to get the escape. There are a variety of service providers providing escape room facilities for 2-500 people right on time. 

Virtual fitness classes 

You can simply accommodate fitness classes with virtual reality for coporate events. All you have to do is get your team ready for a virtual fitness experience and select a good day for fitness. 

Significance of AV productions in corporate events

Nowadays, there’s no type of event complete without Audiovisual equipment. It not only allows the client to get engaged but also leaves a remarkable impression on the minds of the clients. There is a variety of things in which AV plays the most crucial role, including providing glitch-free audio and video to the audience. Moreover, it allows the clients to experience the most amusing moments and captures them in the cameras for a remarkable memory. 

Hire AV experts to ensure entertainment.

For non-stop entertainment, you must hire experts to do the job as well. You can take a sigh of relief knowing that everything is under control in the hands of the experts and professionals. Moreover, it ensures the success of the event.  

  1. It is really cost-efficient and ensures quality. 
  2. Experts are always there to deal with the classic complaints. 
  3. You can utilise high-end technology on insurance at rentals. 
  4. It is really easy to install and uninstall, as there’s a whole team to do it. 

Once you opt for AV rentals, they also provide complete services. Make sure your event is all classic and glitch-proof. They look after all the management, and moreover, it helps you to correctly look after the other arrangements and aspects, majorly the entertainment. You can only entertain your guests if you get the basic, including AV equipment that is right and of high quality. To make any event successful make sure you are integrated AV. However, it is more important to find the right AV production house. 


In conclusion, orchestrating a corporate event in the dynamic city of London demands meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the diverse audience and event types. Entertainment stands out as a pivotal element, breathing life into gatherings that are often characterized by their formalities. From black-tie affairs to outdoor escapades and virtual experiences, the options are expansive. Recognising the significance of AV production in corporate events cannot be overstated.

In the contemporary event landscape, AV technology serves as the backbone, weaving a tapestry of seamless communication and engaging experiences. It is not just about sound and visuals; it’s about creating an immersive environment that leaves a lasting impression. To ensure the success of your corporate event, consider hiring AV experts who bring expertise, reliability, and a commitment to glitch-free productions. Their involvement not only guarantees a smooth execution of audiovisual elements but also frees up your time to focus on other crucial aspects of event management.

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