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Catherine Reeves, Designers Guild

LED Video Wall Hire

We have been supplying video walls for several years and have one of London’s most extensive stock holdings.

We annually update our stock holding of LED Video Walls, ranging from P2 pixel pitch to P3 pixel pitch for use indoors and outdoors for your event.

An LED Wall is like a giant tv monitor, with many smaller monitors connected. Each monitor is made up of many individual LED lights. Each LED produces 3 colours – Red, Green and Blue- to create unlimited colours. When you stand away from the wall, you don’t see the individual pixels, just the picture they made.

Using an LED Wall for your stage set, conference, or event adds the wow factor. Videowall allows you to produce extensive moving backgrounds without the space needed with projectors.

Our LED Videowalls are a cost-effective event solution to what is becoming an increasing expectation from event audiences today. With most people watching HD tv shows, large video backdrops and super sharp visuals are being seen daily; our clients are, in turn, expecting to see this kind of thing as the norm.

We can assist you in creating a screen for any sized event, from a small conference to a full-on gala dinner; why not call us for more information and a quotation to suit your occasion?


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