"I would like to thank you and your team for making our event successful yesterday. Your technicians were superb."

Rebecca Considine, Warner Bros

Event Production London

Events can take months, if not years, of planning. Getting every element of the event right from the beginning is essential. It is, after all, your reputation on the line. Successful events are not just a matter of providing great food, drink and entertainment but of ensuring that the ambience is correct, that there are enough sockets to cater for all the electrical equipment and that everyone can hear and see comfortably.

Producing an event is not a matter of luck but sheer hard work. To achieve this, you need a reliable event production agency committed to ensuring nothing is overlooked. This is where we can help. We are committed to detail, ensuring that your event succeeds. We know just how much work is needed to organize an event, and we can provide whatever services and equipment you need. No matter how unusual the event or location, we can help.

Corona Energy’s event is an excellent example of this capability. They wanted to create a company event based on the TV programme Ready Steady Cook. It was a great concept, but the problems were all too abundant. Not only did they need a location big enough to house all the staff members involved, but it also had to cater for fifty-two cookers operating simultaneously and provide plenty of space between each unit to avoid the risk of accidents. The sheer number of ranges and the attendant electrical equipment required tremendous power, which few venues could provide.

We had the resources and the expertise to undertake all the facilities involved, such as technical support, power distribution & management, audio-visual provision and event production in London. This meant that Corona Energy could leave the background details to us and focus on the actual event and the participants. Our knowledge of venues and established links with potential sites meant we could help them find a suitable location for such a complex event.

Audio Visual Productions possesses preferred supplier status at many historic buildings, hotels and conference centres. We have thousands of equipment items available for immediate use, including plasma screens, cabling, projectors, display boards, microphones, vision mixers and translation booths. Our dedicated project managers are general 24/7 to provide help and advice.

Talk to us now about our bespoke event production London packages. We await your call.

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