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What Is Event Production Management

What Is Event Production Management & Why It Matters?

Events are special occasions, but for the corporate sector, these are opportunities to extend their market. Businesses use events to build reputation, create awareness, and strengthen relationships with customers, influencers, and partners. And let’s be honest for a moment; events are great for building brand reputation and boosting revenue growth.

But to achieve this feat, you should be familiar with the basic industry terms and jargon. You should accustom yourself to these before hiring an event production company.

The business community often gets confused with event planning, management, and event production management. The mix-up terms cause misunderstanding and are frequently misinterpreted by event organisers. But don’t fret; we are here to clear up the confusion for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What is event production management?
  • Why is event production management important?
  • What does an event production manager do?
  • Why are event production services compulsory for your events?

We hope you already know about live event production. So, let’s start with the elementary query, i.e. what is production in event management?

What is event production management?

In essence, event production management is all about arranging the physical elements of an event. From staging and lighting hire to the provision of AV equipment rentals, all come under the event production management. The objective is to facilitate and assist event planners or organisers while managing the event logistics.

Difference Between Event Management and Event Production

There’s a small difference between event management and event production, and event production management walks the line.

Event management is all about coordinating and providing directions to different teams in order to manage the overall event. It is also different from event planning, as event management involves hiring staff and sourcing vendors, such as an AV equipment supplier. In addition, venue selection or reservation and resolving on-site issues on the event day also come under management.

Event production, on the other hand, involves the provision of on-site equipment. In simple words, it’s the technical execution of the creative idea crafted by event planners and organisers. An event production company usually sources audio visual elements and provides AV equipment rentals for the event.

 From providing advice on venue hire to stage design to content creation, event production encompasses almost every aspect.

What does an event production manager do?

One cannot fully understand the concept of event production management without knowing what an event production manager does. The two are closely related to each other, considering the nature of the tasks. Event production managers are hired as consultants to arrange the right equipment for events.

You can hire an event production manager, or your AV supplier will assign you one.

The role of an event production manager is that of an implementer and go-getter. They are professionals who breathe life into the event by turning the desired conceptual vision into reality. Event producers have a better understanding of technical aspects so that they can manage every phase. All in all, they rent or arrange the technology and equipment according to the event concept.

Event production managers:

  • Provide technical advice to event planners
  • Help event managers choose the right venue and devices
  • Deliver AV equipment hire and IT rental devices on a budget

Why is event production management important?

Event production management is important because it ensures you get the latest technology and equipment. So, learn how to give an event production company a great brief to get the most out of it.

Helps in Outlining the Tasks

With effective production management, you’ll have a clear outsourcing plan for each aspect of the event. You can make a clear strategy for budgeting, logistics, and resource allocation throughout the event. Thus, event managers and organisers can ensure the seamless integration of all elements on the day of the event.

Improves Collaboration between vendors

Mostly, event planners have to deal with multiple vendors, such as caterers, AV suppliers, and content creators. Event production management strengthens coordination among vendors, ensuring everything goes as planned. Above all, it makes certain that all third-party services align with the event’s objectives and standards.

Provides the Best AV Equipment

Audio visual equipment is the heart and soul of any event. These are the devices that can make or break your occasion and create the perfect ambience. However, event equipment needs and requirements vary from occasion to occasion.

An event production manager who you hired or got from the AV company can help you pick the best AV gear. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality or testing of rented audiovisual devices and IT equipment. They will recommend the right technology, apparatus, and competent contractors for your event needs.

Lowers the Event Production Budget

All events have budget constraints; we know that organisers want to get the most out of their spending. This is where event production managers outshine by offering the best value for money. With effective event production management, they help organisers find cost-effective solutions without breaking budget constraints.

Event production managers can reduce expenses and negotiate economical contracts without compromising the service quality. They utilise personal resources and contacts to provide or rent much-needed event equipment.

Assists with Resource Management

Proper management of resources, such as personnel, equipment, and materials, is essential for an event’s success. Event production managers coordinate with various teams to allocate resources efficiently and prevent any shortages or overruns. Above all, they ensure that each errand and task gets completed on schedule by creating timelines and setting deadlines.

Maintains Quality Control

One of the biggest benefits of event production is the maintenance of high-quality standards throughout the event. When you appoint or hire an event production management team, you’ll have people to upkeep these standards.

The event production management team oversees the whole setup, ensures equipment quality, and manages technical aspects. In addition, they make certain that all elements contribute to a positive attendee experience. Above all, they strive to ensure your event leaves a positive impression on attendees, guest speakers, and sponsors. 

In a true sense, event production management is about designing experiences to engage and delight guests. And that’s exactly what people expect from an event, from the moment they arrive until the event concludes.

Reduces Risks through Contingency Plans

Events, like any other occasion, come with inherent risks, such as technical malfunctions. There are a number of unforeseen circumstances that can happen, such as equipment malfunctioning or weather issues. With effective event production management, you can easily avoid such common issues.

Event production managers anticipate potential event risks beforehand and develop contingency plans accordingly. Thus, they minimise the risks that might impact the event by sourcing extra equipment or having a plan B.

Why are event production services compulsory for your events?

Event production helps planners and organisers achieve event objectives by producing seamless experiences for their audience.

Different types of services are required for different stages of event production. It also depends on what you want to achieve with various components of event production. Event production services range from venue hire assistance and AV equipment AV hire to arranging catering and managing the event logistics.

Typically, event production services include:

  • Live, Hybrid & virtual event production
  • AV equipment rentals
  • Content creation
  • Live event streaming
  • Event interpretation services

The AV equipment rental services can be further divided into:

Audio Hire: PA & sound systems, microphones, and speakers 

Visual Hire: Projectors and screens, LED video walls, plasma screens

Stage Hire: Staging, exhibition stands, display boards, pipes and drapes

Lighting Hire: Stage lighting, Gobos, Uplighters, lighting controllers

The Bottom Line

Event production management service takes care of the physical elements needed and required for the occasion. It ensures the event goes smoothly as planned without any equipment glitches or event management issues. All in all, it is the difference between a good and great event, be it corporate or private.

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