Press Conferences

Talking to the press can be a nightmare situation. All you need is for one thing to go wrong, and the resultant stories can go viral within minutes. Trying to counter the resultant bad publicity can be very time consuming. As if that is not enough, the subject matter of a press conference can be controversial in itself resulting in speakers having to deal with a lot of awkward questions. To add to the fraught nature of a press conference, they often have to be set up at very short notice.

Seeking the help of specialists who can provide not just the equipment but also the project management can make a tremendous difference. With over twenty years experience, Audio Visual Productions has gained a reputation for providing high quality equipment as well as project management.

With thousands of pieces of audio visual equipment, PA systems, temporary staging and lighting, plasma screens and projectors ready for immediate hire; we are able to provide immediate assistance. We can even supply the equipment for Wi-fi provision to allow rapid contact between journalists and newsrooms during the event.

Sometimes press conferences need to be streamed onto the internet, or involve speakers from more than one country. There may also be journalists present from other countries. We can supply the equipment to make this possible, as well as interpretation facilities such as head sets and translation booths if language support is required to ensure there are no misunderstandings about the content being released at the press conference.

As we possess venue partnerships and preferred supplier status with a wide range of top hotels, historical buildings, conference centres and other prestigious venues, we have detailed knowledge of the various rooms and facilities in each location. This makes equipment installation much easier when time is short and press conferences have to be held in a hurry.

All our equipment is of very high standard and incorporates the latest technology. This enables us to ensure that demonstrations of sophisticated technology during a press conference will work without any problems.

Every press conference will have a dedicated project manager to provide support, assistance and advice at every stage. We can advise on exactly which equipment you need, how much equipment and suggest ways of improving communications on site as necessary. As project managers, Audio Visual Productions will ensure that your press conference is professionally managed in every way.