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Selecting the Ideal Audio Visual Company for Your London Event

Hosting an event is all about glamourising what your business holds! For that, you need to take a creative approach to brighten and add some spark to the atmosphere. 

When it comes to hosting an event in London, you must look for an audio-visual company that glorifies your event in the right way. Since an AV company is the lifeblood of making an event a great success, you need to select the right company carefully.

Additionally, the event tradition in the UK has witnessed a radical change due to the onset of audio-visual equipment. Audio-visual companies in London are responsible for this change because they always raise the bar. A market report shows that the UK event industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.7% between now and 2028, with a projected revenue of $402 billion (£316 billion). 

As there are hundreds of AV companies in London, choosing the best for your event sounds daunting. But don’t worry! 

This blog encompasses vital information about selecting an ideal event partner- an AV company for your event in London. So shall we start? 

  1. Identify your Event Needs

The better you know your event needs, the easier it will be to fulfill the event goals. The first step in the selection process is to determine your event needs. An event is not a mere arrangement of tables and chairs for a mass of people but rather a source of conveying emotions. For this reason, you need to set the right tone and mood, which is only possible when you know the purpose of your event. 

Additionally, clarify whether it is a conference, annual dinner, product launch, sport, or fashion event. As the event AV needs vary according to the event type, clarifying the type and purpose will keep you on track. Similarly, determine the size of your audience and venue to estimate the requirement for AV equipment roughly. 

The requirement for screen, staging, sound, and lighting is directly proportional to the size of the audience and the venue. For example, if it is a formal conference of 40-50 professionals, the AV requirement would be less compared to the event of 350-400 people. Therefore, it is essential to know your needs to communicate easily with the AV company. 

  1. Set a Budget

Once you’ve determined how you want your event to look and work, now it’s time to outline the budget. When you are looking for an AV company, budget consideration is pivotal. The budget is highly dependent upon the nature and size of your event. 

If your event is on a smaller and personal level, it will not cost you much. However, you need to set a budget for a professional or business event. So, it is essential to outline a budget keeping the event needs in mind. 

  1. Expertise of the AV Company

Since you have outlined the necessary stuff for your event, you can easily find the AV companies in London online or through references. When giving a bird eye view to the AV industry, give a glance at their expertise. 

When you know what an AV company is good at, it will be easier to decide which AV company you should choose. Additionally, it is easier to reach an AV company that suits your event needs and has the capacity to provide top-tier services. 

  1. Reputation and Recommendations

In the selection process, it is important to categorise the preferred AV companies based on reputation. For this reason, you need to visit their website and see what their previous customers and clients say. 

The reviews and ratings of a company depict the true quality of the service they provide. Whether it is good or bad, looking at the market repute of a company will help you make a better decision or reconsider some other option. 

If a company holds a good reputation in the industry, it shows the value it has provided to its clients. Additionally, consider the recommendation and feedback from a high-profile person who has availed the services of the AV company. You can choose the ideal audio-visual company for your event by looking at the market reputation and recommendations. 

  1. Quality of equipment

It is crucial to select the best AV company for your event. Since your event requirement needs to be tailored, ensuring equipment quality is important. Give a detailed look at the quality and whether they are working or need to be repaired. Additionally, you can see their variety of equipment by looking at the LED screens, sound mixers, and lighting and sound systems. 

Moreover, ensuring the quality beforehand saves you from last-moment glitches and repair fees. You can actually witness the condition and performance of the AV equipment. It will help you decide whether to go for this specific AV company or not! 

  1. Communication 

Communication is the key to hosting a successful event. If you can clearly communicate the event needs, mission, and goals with the AV company, you can achieve them. The better the communication is, the more fruitful the results will be. 

In addition, having the ideas outlined and well-communicated, your AV company will be able to provide the equipment accordingly. When there is unfiltered communication about the DOs and DON’Ts of the event, it is easier to set the right mood and tone for the event. Therefore, stating clear instructions will help you achieve the desired outcome. 

  1. Technical Support 

It is a plus point if the AV company provides you with technical support. Knowing if the company offers technical services, including maintenance, installation, and support, is essential. 

Additionally, ask for technical assistance on the day of the event to tackle in case of any issue or error. It also involves providing solutions to the technical queries of the client hosting event. Moreover, if the AV company offers a team of technical support to smoothen the event flow, you have found the ideal AV company! 

  1. Price & Event Cost 

Here is the most essential part of selecting the best AV company for your event in London. Getting the estimated cost from more than 2 AV companies and seeing their approach to hosting your event is advisable.

Though pricing is not a determining factor, you must not compromise on the quality of service and equipment over money. Therefore, get a price quote from different AV companies and decide which one is the best value for the money. 

  1. Test the AV equipment 

Testing the equipment required for your event is important. To avoid inconvenience and glitches on the event day, ensure the equipment works smoothly, whether the AV equipment is ensured or not; checking before the event is paramount.

Moreover, you should have a backup plan if the electrical equipment breaks or fails. Therefore, check the LEDs, sound system, mics, and speakers to make your event flawless. 

  1. Safety Measures 

While considering other factors necessary when choosing an ideal audio visual company, don’t forget the safety measures for your event. It is essential to select a company that ensures the safety and security of your guests, staff, and their team. 

From setting the emergency or fire exits to first aid provision, you need to assess the safety measures. Since your audience’s safety is the top priority, you can ask the company about its safety records and practices. So, don’t neglect this aspect, and make sure you pick the best AV company to outshine your event in London! 

Bottom Line

Finding the ideal AV company for your event in London may be daunting in the vast AV industry. This blog helps you reach the best AV company for your event. Just give a thorough read to it. 

You can narrow down the minute details by following the aspects mentioned above. It will help you find a suitable AV partner for your event. It’s your turn to make your event the best by reaching the ideal audio-visual company!

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