Health Safety Policy

The management of UK AV Productions Ltd are committed to ensuring that all employees within the company have healthy and safe working conditions at all times. Our view is that the statutory health and safety requirements will be regarded as the absolute minimum acceptable. We have some measures that go beyond it.


The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that we have a Health and Safety Policy. This document sets out the Policy for AV Productions and the manner in which it is intended that the Policy will be implemented. Because of the nature of the Company and the variety of its operations, the policy will be under constant review and will likely be subject to frequent change. As AV Productions is a diverse company operating in a variety of fields with employees often transferring between departments, it is vital that each employee is aware of health and safety responsibilities at all levels within the company. In order to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, each individual within the Company, no matter at what level they are employed, must share in the responsibility and perform his/her tasks with due care for all who may be affected by the consequences of any action undertaken. This policy is regularly monitored, by promoting a culture of continuous improvement through risk assessment and staff training. Full details are contained in the company’s Health & Safety manuals and reviewed annually.