AV Hire For Conferences

Conferences are significant events, often attended by hundreds of people keen to make new contacts, discover further information and explore new opportunities. Audio Visual technology is crucial to making your conference a success. Without microphones, audio speakers, visual presentation materials, and stage settings ensuring that everyone present can hear and understand every part of the presentation would be impossible. Even the size and style of a room can affect the audio quality and visual impact.

Frequently, the proceedings must be filmed so that the event can be streamed and used by many other people in the future. High-quality cameras must be provided to capture both speech and visuals. Monitoring of real-time web streaming linking speakers may be necessary.

There is also the question of translation provision. English may not be the first language of every delegate present. For the Hostelling International Conference, we needed to provide numerous translation booths, IR wireless receivers and distribution systems to ensure that the hundreds of international delegates could fully understand every aspect of the proceedings in their native languages.

As conferences can last several days, there is a continual need for equipment maintenance so that emergencies, such as the failure of electric bulbs or microphones, fail to work. Having replacements immediately at hand ensures that the proceedings run smoothly.

This is where we can help. Our highly experienced audio-visual staff can go to the best equipment for your conference and ensure that it is placed so that someone present can hear the proceedings clearly and see every visual that is d. During the event, our technicians will operate the equipment, dealing with unexpected issues that arise smoothly and efficiently without your delegates knowing there is a problem.

We provide a dedicated project manager throughout the event to deal with every aspect of the proceedings, from hiring equipment to its installation and operation. Audio Visual Productions will ensure that your conference is professionally managed from start to finish.

We have over 20 years of experience delivering conference technology facilities. As a full-service audio-visual hire and event production company, we have numerous venue partnerships and approved supplier status at a wide range of highly prestigious hotels, conference and exhibition venues and historical buildings.

We await your call.