Audio Visual For Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are incredibly important. They mark a highlight in someone’s life, recognising when they have achieved something really special. Frequently the awards presentation is linked to a luxury dinner and entertainment. It is an extremely memorable occasion for all concerned: participants, their friends, families and colleagues, business partners and event organisers.

Making sure that the ceremony goes smoothly is essential. No hitches, no problems with equipment or participants and naturally perfect audio visual throughout the event. This is even more crucial the more high profile the event happens to be. With dozens of journalists and press photographers ready to record everything that happens, as well as the potential involvement of social media, unexpected problems can quickly go viral creating adverse publicity.

The potential risks of equipment breaking down, microphones not working, the audience being unable to see what is happening on stage, communication problems within the presentation & event organising team are inevitably high. Reducing those risks is important. This is where we can help.

Our specialised team of audio visual technicians can advise on the correct equipment to use, the placing of equipment around the room, ensuring that cabling is fully connected as well as constantly ensuring that everything is working to provide maximum audio visual capacity throughout the event.

We can even provide a total package involving everything from project management, audio visual equipment hire, event production, graphics, staging and simultaneous translation equipment.

Our expertise enables us to make suggestions as to how the awards ceremony can become extra special such as the use of Gobo projectors to create special effects while the award winners are walking up to receive their awards. Wall to wall screening can overcome problems of visibility since the sheer scale of the screens ensures that everyone has a good view of the events. Autocue systems make sure that there are no mistakes made with names, speeches or awards.

Every event is allotted a dedicated project manager who will be constantly on hand to provide support, answer queries, deal with the unexpected as well as advising on equipment and production facilities. Our audio visual technicians will ensure that all the equipment is in full working order, and will be able to ensure that any problems such as microphones not working are dealt with immediately.

Talk to us now for immediate advice on making your Awards Ceremony memorable and successful. We are here to help you.