Planning a charity fundraiser? Then talk to us immediately. Whatever your ideas, we can help fulfil them. The only restriction on what can be done is your imagination.

Charity Fundraisers can many different formats – awards ceremonies recognizing special people, fashion shows, conferences designed to attract attention to a specific topic and attracting the attention of potential donors, music and dance events, art shows, parties. The list of ideas is never ending. Whatever the type of event, it is important to make sure that everyone participating can hear and see everything. Potential donors need to be impressed that you are a professional organization while for those being given an award it can be a highlight of their lives. Then there is the question of publicity – every charity needs maximum publicity in order to raise funds.

With over 20 years experience, Audio Visual Productions have the knowledge and skills to make your charity fundraiser a complete success. We can work with you from start to finish, creating the sets, the design, providing the audio visual equipment, devising light displays that will transform your event into something extra special.

An added bonus is the fact that we are approved suppliers to major venues, including hotels, historic buildings, conference centres and exhibition areas. This means we have advance knowledge of all their specifications, and can help find suitable locations for your charity fundraiser. As a highly reputable, reliable company we only make promises we can keep so if we say we can do something – then we will!

A dedicated manager is allotted to each project with which we are involved, and is able to provide all the information and advise you need. Want audio visual technicians to operate all the equipment? We can provide them. We can create whatever bespoke package you require or simply enable you to hire equipment from our extensive stocks. We have everything from gobo lights to microphones, wall screens to conference sets, projection screens to translation booths. All the equipment is fully serviced and is checked before it is sent out.

Need something in an emergency? Your lights have blown? Your wi-fi systems are not working? Need extra microphones? Then contact us for immediate help.

We are here to help you. All you need to do is pick up a phone or email us for immediate assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.