AV Hire For Breakfast Meeting

Time is precious and there is never enough to do everything. Breakfast meetings are becoming all too common as businesses seek to maximise every discussion opportunity. It may be just a small gathering to discuss strategy, a networking event or a large pre-conference meeting over breakfast.

The organisational challenges are considerable. The very nature of a breakfast meeting means that there is much more background noise as meals are served and dishes removed. This can pose a problem when the participants are trying to watch a presentation or listen to a speaker. Then there is the question of the extra cabling required to cope with the audio visual equipment. Potentially the cabling can provide a trip hazard for the serving staff moving around tables and carrying hot food.

Audio levels may need to be adjusted regularly to cope with varying levels of background noise. Lighting, projectors, plasma screens will have to be even more carefully placed to ensure maximum visibility since participants will be sitting at tables and may have to turn round to watch.

To make matters worse, the room in which the breakfast meeting is being held may be needed immediately afterwards for use as a seminar or conference room. Rapid transformations of the furniture layout may be needed, which can again affect the positioning of audio visual equipment. Lighting streams may have to be changed, extra equipment introduced and cameras added within a few minutes yet without disturbing delegates who may still be finishing their breakfast discussions with colleagues.

Preparation is crucial. This is where Audio Visual Productions can help. With over 20 years experience, we are familiar with all the main venues and how to maximize presentations within the different rooms because we already have the site specifications. Audio Visual Productions are the preferred supplier of choice at many historic buildings, conference centres, hotels and exhibition areas. We can provide the project management as well as all the equipment needed to make your event a success. Our extensive stockrooms include a vast array of projection equipment, wi-fi systems, PA systems, wall to wall screening, data projectors, microphones, plasma screens and much more. Whatever is required, we can provide it. All the equipment is of high quality and we can provide the technicians to operate it if required.

Contact Audio Visual Productions now to discover just how we can help you create the perfect breakfast meeting.