Audio Visual Hire for Press Conferences

Sometimes planned but more often held at concise notice, Press Conferences can be a nightmare to organize. With a horde of journalists on the premises ready to document, not just the news announcement, no one wants problems to occur with equipment. Such issues can go viral quickly due to the speed of modern communication.

This is where we can help. With over 20 years of experience, AV Productions have an unrivalled reputation for reliability, high-quality equipment and project management.

AV Productions possesses warehouses full of audio-visual equipment, temporary staging, lighting, projectors, PA systems, Wi-fi systems and podiums ready to be hired immediately. It can also provide the technicians with installation and operation of the equipment with only a few minutes notice.

If it is an international press conference involving people who do not have English as their native language, interpretation facilities can help. AV Productions has one of the largest collections of translation equipment in the UK and can supply translation booths, headsets, and a wide range of microphones to ensure no problems. This will ensure that questions are understood. There are no linguistic mistakes in the responses.

Whatever the location of the press conference, whether indoors or outside, We can cope. We have the equipment, the expertise and the connections to create suitable facilities within a short time. AV Productions has partnerships with many prestigious venues and has preferred supplier status at countless top hotels, historical buildings, conference centres and exhibition areas.

This ensures that we have a detailed knowledge of the interior and exterior of a wide range of venues, making it easier to install equipment for maximum coverage when setting up press conferences at short notice.

All our equipment utilizes the latest technology and will be compatible with any sophisticated technology demonstrated during the press conference. We always carry out tests beforehand to ensure no glitches occur.

AV Productions is a very professional organization. We believe in providing only the best products and services because we know your event’s importance. Dedicated project managers provide help and assistance 24/7.

Contact us now for immediate assistance in setting up your next Press Conference. We are waiting to hear from you and will provide all the help you need to make the event successful.

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