Audio Visual Hire for Conferences

Holding a conference is an exercise in sheer logistics, providing facilities for hundreds of people who need information fast and continuous information links with excellent Audio Visual links throughout every presentation. Getting it wrong damages your credibility as an organizer, and when dealing with an enormous amount of technical equipment, the potential problems are huge.

Working with a highly reliable, experienced company that can efficiently provide all the equipment, staging and related items and continuously operate and maintain throughout the event will significantly reduce the risks.

High-quality audio-visual equipment is crucial to ensuring conferences work well. Attendees must hear and fully understand every spoken word and see all the visual presentations. The proceedings may need to be filmed so that real-time streaming can take place or that expressions can be used for training purposes in future.

Simply putting the appropriate equipment in place is not enough to ensure success. No two rooms are the same. Audio quality can vary considerably, while odd corners or how the room is set up can affect visibility.

This is where specialist AV staff can help. With their experience, they can test the various equipment and ensure that everything is in complete working order and that the audio-visual quality is uniform throughout the room.

Bear in mind, too, that since conferences usually last for more than one day, the wear and tear on equipment can be considerable. Ensuring that the equipment and audio-visual quality are just as good at the end of the conference as were at the beginning needs the skills of a specialist AV technician.

Bulbs can blow, and microphones fail to work. Having replacements immediately available avoids any delay and ensures a professional image for the conference.

Another question that must be considered is the need to provide translation facilities. Not every delegate present will be a native English speaker. Translation booths linked to IR wireless receivers and distribution systems may be needed to translate various languages simultaneously.

We have the expertise, capability and skills to help you ensure that your conference succeeds. A dedicated project manager, bespoke packages and technical staff allow us to provide the ideal equipment and operate and maintain it in perfect condition throughout the conference.

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