Audio Visual Hire for Charity Fundraisers


Raising money for charity is extremely important. They need money to continue their work. A successful fundraising event is good news for your chosen charity and good for your company’s image. To achieve that success, every element of the event needs to go smoothly – especially the lighting and audio facilities. If people cannot see or hear what is happening, then they are less likely to donate to the cause, or benefit from the event.

This is where we can help you. We possess more than 20 years experience in creating innovative, practical audio visual effects, developing sets and graphic design. We can undertake the project management, and provide all the equipment you need. We have great contacts throughout the industry and are approved suppliers to top hotels, exhibition centres and historic buildings. When you deal with us, you are dealing with a reputable, reliable company that will keep every promise made.

With our expertise, we can make your plans a reality. Whatever your ideas in terms of lighting and projection effects, we can bring them to life. The earlier you talk to us, the easier it is to create beautiful swathes of colour, mood lighting, and complex patterns. Our stock rooms are filled with thousands of pieces of equipment ready for instant use including all types of microphones, sound systems, projection systems, dance floors, drape kits, conference sets and much more. Every item is thoroughly checked and serviced before it is sent out on hire so we can guarantee you are getting the best possible equipment.

Whatever you want, we can provide it. We can hire individual pieces of equipment or create a bespoke package to include anything from project management to audio visual technicians to operate the equipment.

Our dedicated project managers are available 24/7 to provide advice and assistance. We appreciate just how important this charity fundraiser is to you, the charity and all the participants.

Our expertise covers every possible type of fundraising event be it fashion shows, award ceremonies, talks, conferences, music and dancing, indoors or out. We can bring your dreams to life, creating atmospheric lighting, brilliant sound quality and sets that will project the image you want. Every person present at your event will be able to participate fully in every aspect of the fundraiser.

Get in touch with us now and discuss your requirements. We are ready to help immediately.

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